Stem Sample Wedding Menu


Deep-fried courgette flowers with Feta cheese and mint

Fresh courgette flowers stuffed with Feta cheese and mint and lightly fried (vegetarian)

Sweet corn and polenta pancakes with sour cream and sumac

Corn and polenta fritters with Moroccan spice (vegetarian)

Kibbeh Makliya

Stuffed meatballs with pinenut and bulgar wheat

Queen scallop and chickpea fritters with cumin salt

Baby scallops deep fried in a chick pea batter and seasoned with cumin salt

Main course

Chargrilled swordfish loin with plum tomato, basil and avocado salsa

Cooked on the BBQ and served with a light tomato dressing

Warm broad bean and Piquillo pepper salad with fresh coriander

Tender beans with Piquillo peppers seasoned with fresh coriander (vegetarian)

Wild rocket and preserved lemon salad

Spicy wild rocket with tangy preserved lemon and olive oil (vegetarian)

Homemade seed bread

Roast artichoke hearts with imam bialdi and goats cheese will be available for vegetarian diners. Served with plum tomato and basil salsa.

Pudding - wedding cake

Layered almond sponge with Grappa mascarpone and seasonal red berries

Decorated with white chocolate and cape gooseberries, served with home made rose water ice cream

Espresso coffee and selected teas and infusions

Served with chocolate ginger truffles and Turkish delight
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