Seasonal cocktail

Red-hot martini recipe

With British raspberries still available through October, this great autumn warmer is guaranteed to get the party started.

For 1 large martini glass

In a cocktail shaker mix together the following ingredients over ice:

35ml measure chilli vodka
35ml measure honey vodka
40ml raspberry puree
1 tsp orange bitters
15ml sirop de gomme
15ml crème de framboise

Chilli vodka and honey vodka

1 x 70cl bottle vodka
2 x red chilli
4 tbsp honey

Decant the vodka into two separate sealable containers, half in each. Remove the green tops from the chillies and discard, then cut each chilli in half and place into one container of vodka.  Pour the honey into the other container of vodka and shake vigorously until mixed. Seal both containers and leave to infuse overnight, the next day your vodka will be ready to go.

This will give you enough vodka to make 20 cocktails, but you don’t have to use it all at once. Remove the chillies if you are planning on keeping the vodka.

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