Kosher global food bars


Spiced sweet potato-lettuce wrapped with deep-fried ginger (vegetarian)
Chilli plantain and cassava fritters with tamarind coconut sauce (vegetarian)
Rice paper rolls with spiced eggplant pickle (vegetarian)
Cuban black bean soup with coriander
Mini pizza with tomato, oregano and mozzarella (vegetarian)
Soft flour tortilla with smoked trout and avocado

Food bars

Sushi Bar

Prepared to order and presented from an on show sushi bar by Eico Kano
Sashimi salad with special dressing
Salmon California roll
Vegetable roll (vegetarian)
Spicy tuna roll
Spinach and pickled ginger roll (vegetarian)
Sea bream and salmon roe roll

Dim sum Bar

Kosher chicken, lemongrass and fragrant basil won ton
Shiitake mushroom cassava and herb dumpling (vegetarian)
Steamed pumpkin ginger and kaffir lime dumplings with roast chilli sauce (vegetarian)
Oriental vegetable spring roll (vegetarian)

Take away Bar

Homemade falafel in pitta bread with humus, tahini and rocket(vegetarian)
Aubergine, basil and cherry vine tomato kebab(vegetarian)
Homemade Kosher beef burgers with rocket and tomato chilli jam
Salmon fish fingers and cassava chips
Kosher corn fed chicken nuggets and chunky chips

Pudding Bar

Tropical fruit platters
Aubergine, basil and cherry vine tomato kebab(vegetarian)
Kaffir lime and sweet basil tart with passion fruit glaze
Double chocolate brownies (nut free)
Fruit and nut biscotti

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