Japanese Feast Menu

Edamame with Sea salt and parsnip crisps with Japanese 7-spice salt

Fresh blanched Soya beans in their pods with Home dried parsnip crisps seasoned with spicy Japanese pepper

Salmon California roll

Japanese vegetable roll

Spinach and sesame seed roll

Sea bream and salmon caviar roll

Selection of hand rolled sushi served with soy sauce and wasabi

Tuna and baby leek tartar with wasabi cigar and sweet soy sauce

Finest fresh tuna loin and belly diced and seasoned with baby leek, served with a cream cheese and wasabi spring roll and sweet soy dressing

Wild salmon and wild sea bass sashimi salad with sesame and shallot dressing

Delicate slices of fresh salmon and sea bass ‘cooked’ with a fragrant sesame dressing and served with baby leaves

Miso marinated black cod with pickled cucumber, sansho peppercorn and ginger

Finest black cod steeped in miso and gently roasted, garnished with spicy cucumber pickle

Deep-fried vegetables in dashi and mirin sauce

Aubergine, courgette, pumpkin and pepper lightly fried and served in a warm broth

Edamame rice

Steamed Japanese rice with fresh Soya beans


Chocolate fondant with green tea ice cream

Freshly baked chocolate sponge with a liquid chocolate centre served with home made green tea ice cream
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